RCGRS Events and Activities

Regular Meetups

Free Clinic! How To Get Started In Garden Railroading 101

So you would like to start a Garden Railroad but you don't know where to start.

You have lots of questions and very few answers. Well, we have a solution for you. Get those questions answered by attending a FREE three-hour clinic on how to get started in Garden Railroading. Learn what NOT to do and avoid those rookie mistakes.

To help you out, A Beginner's Basics Clinic is held each year a few weeks after the Summer Tour. Tom Gaps will lead the clinic at the Lone Pine and Western Railroad.

The clinic is held mid-July annually.

Clinic size is limited to 10 attendees per clinic.

For more information contact: beginner-clinic@rcgrs.com

Second Saturday Meetup

On the Second Saturday of each month from April to October the Club gathers at Members houses to visit, learn techniques, and hopefully run trains.

A layout is not needed to have an Open House, sometimes we meet and have clinics on gardening and modeling, sometimes we help plan the future railroad. The only requirement is that we have a good time and visit with friends.

Check out our scheduled Events at the bottom of the Home page.

Clinics and Workshops

Every March we hold a workshop in which we build structures for our layouts, sheds, turntables, water towers, trestles and more.

Plus at the November Banquet, we feature clinics on a wide range of topics, from Live Steam, scenery, gardening and more.

For more information contact: education@rcgrs.com

Riding The Rails

Trips and Events

Summer will find us traveling on trains, Winter will find us watching Railroad movies.

Recently the club traveled on Amtrak to Klamath Falls, visited Crater Lake and Train Mountain. Other trips include Amtrak travel to Essex, Montana, Glacier National Park and the Issak Walton Lodge.

Be sure to check out the Train Mountain here in Oregon!

Special Interest Groups

Modular Special Interest Group (Mod-SIG)

Our large 80’ x 60’ modular display is set-up at local train shows, such as Great Train Expo and World’s Greatest Hobby Show.

The Modular display is a huge group project that allows us to demonstrate our hobby and our modeling skills to the public, and allows members who do not have layouts, an opportunity to show off their trains. We also have a smaller Children’s Display for local events.

For more information contact: mod-sig@rcgrs.com

Operations Special Interest Group (Op-SIG)

Ever wanted to be the Conductor, planning out the switching moves? Yardmaster, Dispatcher? We can find a spot for you.

The OPS-SIG starts sessions in April and goes through October as weather permits. We operate on several layouts in the Club, typically on Friday evenings until dark drives us off the tracks.

For more information contact: ops-sig@rcgrs.com

Live Steam Special Interest Group

For those who like to have real steam exhaust from their locomotives.

Be sure to check out Staver Locomotive a massive layout that has a focus on Live Steam Operations!

For more information contact: live-steam@rcgrs.com

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